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Super-Speciality Health Care Services

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Our Super-Speciality Emergency Services

Our emergency treatments

  • Emergency Treatment Includes
  • Heart Attack
  • Brain Attack / Stroke
  • Acute Kidney Failure
  • Acute Liver Failure
  • Acute Low Blood Pressure
  • Sepsis
  • Acute Lung Failure
  • Accidents and Trauma
  • Angioplasty
  • Pacemaker Insertion
  • Laparoscopic Surgery

Our patients speak
for us

Such a great experience…Dr. Harish bajaj is very friendly & spiritual doctor like Lord Krishna🙏…. I visited the clinic for my mother’s heart checkup. The tests were taken real quick and all staff was very friendly… The clinic is well equipped with all the state of art equipment’s … my mother left the clinic already feeling much better…Would recommend this hospital to every patient… Thank you Aaradhya Health Care & Dr Harish Bajaj sir🙏!!

Kamal Vaviya

I would like to Appreciate Dr Mihir Shah, Dr Akash Cheda, Dr Vivek and all the staff of Aaradhya hospital for supporting me so much to keep me motivated and for faster recovery. This hospital is very clean with all experience staff and most imp brilliant doctors. Not to forget the simplicity , humbleness and positivity of Dr Bajaj. Here patients are treated as a family and togetherness.

Shardul Vaidya

Staff of the hospital is very good. They are directing us for everything, no smell of medicines. Good facilities for relatives. New technologies areapreciable. Cleanliness is liked by everything. Dr. Harsh Bajaj were all very friendly and helpful Thank you sir 🙏

Ashish Yadav

Hospitality is very nice, nurse, sisters, doctors are very polite, food is tasty, staff ask us if even we need more food. Doctors help us in very understandable manner in our language. Service is fast. Compared to other hospital communication is comfortable, relatives and patients both are happy. We wish our relatives also become good doctors and staff like this hospital. Doctor Bajaj explain things very nicely, in details and give enough time.Dr. Harsh Bajaj were all very friendly and helpful Thank you sir 🙏

Arifa Shaikh

Dr Harish Bajaj is not only supper doctor but a person with pious soul. The hospital is fantastic and the staff is very humble and helpful. We had a wonderful experience in Aaradhya Hospital and strongly recommend this hospital for treatment to everyone. Once again thank you Dr Harishji and your whole team for your extensive support. Thank you sir 🙏

Avinash Acharya

I'm glad to hear your father received excellent care at the hospital, especially from Dr. Harish Bajaj. The staff were attentive and the facilities were clean, making the experience more comfortable. Dr. Bajaj's expertise and professionalism stood out, and you felt confident in your father's treatment. Overall, you highly recommend this hospital to others in need of medical care.Thank you sir 🙏

Shreyas Shetty

Thank you so much for such a great care and warmth. I got operated by Dr Pranav at Aradhya and I was so comfortable with the staff, they are all so caring and concerned. The hospital is neat and clean with mopping being done every 2 hours. The interior is so nicely done that it gives a warmth of being at home. Highly recommended for a comfortable and healthy environment along with very good doctors visiting here.Thank you sir 🙏

Harleen Guliani

Aaradhya is the best health care hospital I have ever seen. Doctors, nursing staff, security guard, cleaning staff, receptionist all the peoples are amazing and given there 101%. Thankyou so much for giving us familiar environment and amazing hospitality in my bad time when I had too much need of you all. Keep it consistent like you are. Best wishes from my side. Special thanks to Dr. bajaj for giving us great hospitality.Thank you sir 🙏

Raj Soni

Veru nice good hospital in Andheri East, hospital staff very well good experience amazing all doctors experianced and humbele!!

Daksha Chudasma
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